Deliver Real Value

CirrusMD delivers a real return on your investment in telemedicine.


Work with the experts in value based care

CirrusMD focuses on value based care models, not the legacy fee for service structure prevalent in telemedicine, resulting in up to 10x higher utilization than the industry average.

Higher telehealth utilization means substantial cost savings for you by reducing expensive in-person patient visits, opening in-office visits for patients with more complex issues, and eliminating readmission penalties.


Helping patients avoid high-cost points of care leads to greater savings

All of those patient visits to high-cost points of care add up for a payer— nearly $2,700 for an ER visit, around $125 for a trip to urgent care, and at least $75 per office visit.

Imagine what it could mean for your bottom line if those unnecessary visits were avoided!

In their first year with CirrusMD, one health plan saw 13% of encounters represent unnecessary ER visits avoided, 27% unnecessary urgent care visits avoided, and 32% unnecessary office visits avoided.

In-Network Referrals

We believe all health care should be local.

Use either your physicians or our partnered physician groups to maintain quality, continuity and engage local resources.

You'll keep members returning to your system by enabling physicians to make smart referrals internally directing patients to the right doctor, at the right time.

Brand Recognition

Differentiate your organization to build brand loyalty.

CirrusMD's telemedicine platform is easily branded to match your existing infrastructure and support marketing efforts. You’ll be able to easily set yourself apart from the competition as your community quickly associates your brand with offering innovative and user friendly tools to improve their health.

Patient Satisfaction

Deliver care to patients when and where they want it.

The CirrusMD platform allows patients to get the help they need, when they need it, from a point of care that makes the most sense for the situation. Whether treatment takes place over a matter of hours or days, CirrusMD allows medical issues to be resolved safely and completely, leading to our patient satisfaction rating of 98 percent. Want to hear directly from our users? Check out our testimonials

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