Technology to power the future of telemedicine

CirrusMD's platform is built to provide your patients with the technology and experience they prefer.

Familiar Technology

Telemedicine should be easy

Sick in bed is not the best time to learn new technology. That's why we've developed our platform using technology patients and providers are already familiar with--primarily texting

Text messaging, image sharing, and video chatting with a doctor is simple with CirrusMD's familiar workflow.

HIPAA Compliant

Connect patients with doctors without placing their personal health information at risk

When doctors give out their personal cell phone numbers to patients they potentially put a the whole practice at risk

CirrusMD allows patients and doctors to connect with all the convenience of text messaging without any of the risk. Our telemedicine platform undergoes regular audits to ensure we're operating at the peak of HIPAA compliance at all times.

Asynchronous Efficiencies

Doctors can see more than 3x as many patients without sacrificing quality

CirrusMD represents the first technological advancement to effectively scale a physician’s time

Text-first asynchronous technology allows your telemedicine program to grow fast. Eighty-five percent of CirrusMD encounters take place entirely via messaging, which eleminates the need for additional physicians.

Data Integration

Better outcomes and care continuity.

CirrusMD is white labeled and integrates with your HIEs, EMRs and patient portals for an effective flow of information between the patient, their PCP, and the health system.

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