Ditch your failed virtual care program for one that gets utilization 30x higher than industry average.

How it Works

Need a telemedicine program that actually works?

CirrusMD is the only telemedicine company that gives your employees what they're demanding—instant access to an in-network doctor via text message in under one minute who can assess their needs, treat them, or guide them to the most appropriate point of care through their mobile device or computer at no cost to them.

How it Works

Increased Productivity

The CDC estimates productivity loss due to employee medical issues costs $1,685 per employee. With CirrusMD, your employees can see the doctor anytime, anywhere, without worrying about their privacy, or lack there of, when they take a video visit from their cubicle. Your whole company stays healthier and is therefore more productive.

How It Works

Employees are demanding instant access to care.

We give your employees what their asking for and it translates to a 30% utilization rate much higher than the industry average. Find out what drives our utilization numbers.


Your Employees Can:
  • Immediately access in-network doctors through our text-first workflow
  • Have video visits
  • Get prescriptions written when needed
  • Receive referrals to local doctors for times when a physical visit is necessary
"This service is fabulous! Very convenient! I was able to avoid missing work for an office visit and instead was able to pick-up a prescription on my lunch break." – User in Colorado

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