Your virtual front door to integrated care delivery.

Text with a doctor in under a minute.

Health Systems

Does your telemedicine program reduce system leakage?

Patients-as-consumers are demanding immediate access to care. With CirrusMD, patients can text a doctor in under a minute. Give them what they're asking for while improving continuity of care and loyalty at the same time.

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Health Plans

Is your virtual care platform preventing patients from over-utilizing the ER and urgent care?

CirrusMD successfully diverts 40% of patients from the ER and urgent care by connecting them with a doctor in under one minute who can assess, treat, and guide them to the most appropriate point of in-network care.

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Has your telemedicine program failed? Virtual care only works if your employees actually use it.

CirrusMD succeeds where others fail because we offer your employees what they want—immediate access to a doctor via text message. Our 30% utilization rate proves we have the answer.

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